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Oceanz Seafood Mission Bay

Call us on  09 521 5891 or click on the button below to see our menu and place an order for local delivery or contactless pick-up.

Fish & Chips

Order Time

Before 11:40am

Before 12:10pm

Before 12:40pm

Before 1:10pm

Before 1:40pm

Delivery Time

Fish & Chips

Between 12pm and 12:30pm

Between 12:30pm and 12:50pm

Between 1pm and 1:20pm

Between 1:30pm and 1:50pm

Between 2pm and 2:20pm

Fish & Chips

Order Time

Before 4:40pm

Before 5:10pm

Before 5:40pm

Before 6:10pm

Before 6:40pm

Before 7:10pm

Before 7:40pm

Delivery Time

Fish & Chips

Between 5pm and 5:20pm

Between 5:30pm and 5:50pm

Between 6pm and 6:20pm

Between 6:30pm and 6:50pm

Between 7pm and 7:20pm

Between 7:30pm and 7:50pm

Between 8pm and 8:20pm

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